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Benvenuti! The Italian Cultural Center - Il Punto connects diverse communities in the greater Seattle area and beyond through a common passion for Italian arts and culture. We organize events and offer Italian language instruction in a friendly, fun environment that builds on strong bonds between Italian expatriates, the Italian-American community and all enthusiasts of Italy. 

Il Punto is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax ID 47-2538399. Our programs are open to everyone, but members receive discounts. Please consider becoming a membervolunteering, and donating to support our programs.  Contact us for more information. Ci vediamo presto! 

Board of Directors 2021

The Italian Cultural Center - Il Punto is operated and managed by its member-elected Board of Directors. Directors are confirmed at the annual business meeting of the members held on a specified date during the last quarter of each year. Any remaining open board positions are supplemented by Board election throughout the year.

President: Emanuele Valeriano

Emanuele is a native of Italy born in Bari. He maintains dual citizenship with Italy and the USA and has lived in the Seattle area since 2018.  He earned an MBA from the University of Chicago and works as a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.  Emanuele joined Il Punto in order to expand connections in the Italian community. Emanuele previously served on the board as Treasurer and Vice President.

Treasurer: Margherita Conti

Margherita is the granddaughter of Italian, Czech, and Irish immigrants. Her Sicilian grandfather, after attaining his medical degree from the University of Naples, immigrated to the USA and settled in Pittsburgh, PA where he practiced medicine and raised a family with his Irish spouse. Margherita is a small business owner and professional musician. Since settling in Seattle in 1994, she has worked extensively with non-profits as a staff member, board director, and as an event and program volunteer. Margherita holds a BA in Music, and a Masters degree in Music Education from Boston University. She initially joined BIS in 2014 and has been a member and volunteer for Il Punto in various capacities since that time. Margherita enjoys working with Il Punto to gain a deeper understanding of the Italian language and culture. She is serving her second term as a board member with Il Punto. 

Secretary: Serena Capozi

Serena grew up in a town close to Rome surrounded by gentle mountains and beautiful medieval villages. She holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology and an MBA from the University of Montpellier, France, where she lived for 5 years. She left Italy in 2012 and moved to Seattle. She works remotely as a business development manager for an Italian company. Serena has been leading Il Punto's conversation groups for the past few years. She likes to share ‘niche’ information about Italian culture and hopes in this way to encourage the participants to dive into the Italian heritage and to go beyond the cultural stereotypes and misrepresentation still present in the US. When she is not working, she practices capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines movements and traditional music. She also loves going on hiking adventures and is grateful to be surrounded by such gorgeous mountains! Serena is serving her first term as a board member with Il Punto! 

Giulia Tedeschi - Giulia is a native of Italy from the Emilia-Romagna region and holds a Master's degree in International Relations and Affairs from the Universita` di Bologna. Giulia has experience as a tutor of children of all abilities, including special needs, and as a teacher in a classroom setting, as well as managing course enrollments, payments, and finances for local Italian language instruction outfits. Giulia is Il Punto's director of NOI, the children's language program. She has worked hard to develop a high-quality, fun curriculum for children of different ages and Italian language abilities, as well as directly teach the classes. Thanks to her hard work and dedication, the NOI program has weathered the Covid-19 storm and has adapted to the new reality of virtual education. Giulia is serving her first term as a board member with Il Punto.

Bo Salvadalena - Bo is a recent graduate of Mathematics from the University of Washington. During his studies he was an officer for UW Bothell Society of Mathematics and a volunteer for Il Punto. In his free time, Bo likes to exercise and spend time with family and friends. Bo joined Il Punto to involve himself in and give back to the local Italian community by sharing his passion for books and history and to kindle the tradition of volunteerism. Bo is serving his first term as a board member with Il Punto.

Tiziano Recchi - Tiziano is the son of Luigi M. Recchi and Bianca M. Sarno, two Italian painters living in Rome, Italy. Tiziano was born in Rome and grew up between Rome, Naples, Milan and Turin. He graduated from the University La Sapienza in Economics and Business. He moved to Dublin, Ireland in 1995 where he began working for Microsoft Corporation as a translator of software. Tiziano moved to the USA in 2000, and lives in Mercer Island. He’s is married with Laurie Gerson and father to two sons, Milo and Matteo Recchi. Tiziano’s passions are playing music, baking bread and coaching soccer. He joined Il Punto in 2021 and is serving his first term as a board member.

Lorenzo Iovino - Lorenzo was born in Southern Italy in the mid '80s. He grew up with his family in his small hometown until he was 18, then he moved to Tuscany, where he graduated from Med School and became a blood doctor. To pursue his dream of also becoming an immunologist, he got the opportunity to do an internship at Fred Hutch: he was supposed to spend only 12 months in Seattle, but he then decided to stay. Lorenzo has a passion for research, medicine, music, and cycling. He is a board member of Il Punto since 2021, serving for the Italian Music committee.


1) Executive
Chair: Emanuele Valeriano
Members: Serena Capozi, Margherita Conti

2) Finance
Chair: Margherita Conti
Members: Emanuele Valeriano

3) Membership Services
Chair: Luca Cazzanti (interim). 

4) Italian Language
Chair: Serena Capozi 
Members: Giovanni LaManna

5) NOI – Not an Ordinary Italian School
Chair: Giulia Tedeschi
Members: Sara Cammeresi

6) Italian Music
Chair: Tiziano Recchi
Members: Lorenzo Iovino

7) Biblioteca Italiana Seattle (BIS)
Chair: Bo Salvadalena 
Members: Franco Tesorieri

Il Punto! P.O. Box 30674, Seattle, WA 98113

Il Punto is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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